Just the Goodies

Are you either pregnant, post-partum, or use reusable period products and don't need pads or tampons, and the like? Then the "Just the Goodies" box is great for the self-care you seek. This box is filled with 3 organic snacks and 3 pamper items to help you get through whichever cycle you're experiencing. Fill out the survey so we can tailor your box the best we can.

Month to Month

3 Month Prepay

Save 5%

6 Month Prepay

Save 10%

12 Month Prepay

Save 20%

What's in the Box?

Examples of what will get delivered to your doorstep:

Organic comfort items to get you through your cycle.

Organic pads, tampons, panty liners, and sanitary wipes.

Organic sweet, savory, or spicy snacks.